Lionel Messi Poised to Dethrone Cristiano Ronaldo as World’s Highest Paid Footballer

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Lionel Messi is poised to dethrone Cristiano Ronaldo to become the highest paid footballer in the world, at least it is what FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu thinks.

According to an AFP report via Yahoo Sport, Messi still has four more years with FC Barcelona, but the football club is already having talks with Messi's father and agent Jorge Horacio Messi over a contract that could surpass Ronaldo's $200 million deal with Real Madrid signed in September 2013.

Mr. Bartomeu revealed that Barca is neither negotiating with Messi nor his father due to the fact that the current season isn't over yet. All that is happening right now are merely dialogues with his father since he represents Messi, discussing how they look at Messi as a player.

"He (Messi) is our star and he has a contract until 2018 because we want him to participate in our future," said Mr. Bartomeu. "But there is the will within the club that he becomes the best paid player in the world," he added.

"He is the number one and, as we have said various times, he also deserves to be the best paid player in the world," said the Barca club president.

The Barca management is no doubt interested on extending its ties with Messi. Mr. Bartomeu said that Messi started playing for the club when he was a teenager, at 13 years old. Thirteen years later, Messi is still playing for the Catalan-based football club. He said that Messi has led the team to success for the past several years. They will do the best that they can to reach an amicable agreement with Messi so that he continues to play for the club.

"We are sure we will reach a deal with Messi," stated Mr Bartomeu.

"We are convinced because it is his wish, too. He said so just a few days ago," he further said.

"We will have Leo Messi at Barcelona for many years to come," Mr. Bartomeu concluded.

On March 10, has officially released the list of the top 10 richest footballers in the world. Messi ranked second and Ronaldo snagged the top spot. Only time will tell if Messi would be able to dethrone Ronaldo and become not only the highest-paid but also the richest footballer in the world.

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