The Lion King Cast Surprises NYC Subway Commuters with Sings Circle of Life A Capella [Watch Video]

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The Lion King cast surprises the commuters aboard a train New York City with the a capella rendition of the song "Circle of Life."

A 3.51-minute long video of the impromptu serenade taken on July 28 was recently uploaded to YouTube and has already generated over 700,000 views in just three days.

 In the YouTube video, 30 Broadway cast members of The Lion Cake boarded the "A" train while they were on a break between a matinee and evening performance. They pretended to be regular passengers and spread out across the train.

One cast member who was dressed in a black dress led the surprise number. The other cast members readily joined into an a capella of the famous song "Circle of Life" to the delight of the train commuters.

Meanwhile, social media users who watched the video expressed their positive reaction on Twitter.

"This has got to be the coolest train ride ever," said one Twitter user @draevin_roskens .

While another user @go_kasai said that he takes the A train. He even requested for an encore performance from The Lion King cast members.

Another avid Disney fan even wrote a blog about the viral YouTube video in Crushable. The writer recalled his nostalgic feeling during his childhood days every time he watched Disney movies. He mentioned that he shed tears while watching the Lion King cast members singing the famous song.

Last April Australian cast members of this highest grossing Broadway musical also conducted an impromptu performance of the same song "Circle of Life". At that time, the cast members were aboard the Virgin Airlines Flight 0970 bound from Brisbane to Sydney when they broke into a song prior to take off.

The Lion King musical had its first show at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1997. It instantly gained popularity and three months later, the show already debuted at the New Amsterdam Theater in New York.

The Lion King became the first Broadway show to hit $1 billion last year making it the highest grossing production in the history of Broadway. This Tony Award winning musical production performs at The Minskoff Theater and in the heart of Times Square eight times a week.

Watch Broadway cast members of The Lion King in their a capella version of "Circle of Life" from YouTube.

Read the tweets below:

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