Linsanity’s 1st Anniversary: Is Jeremy Lin a One Hit Wonder?

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It has been a year since Jeremy Lin had his breakthrough in Manhattan. But after a year, is Linsanity over? Is Jeremy Lin just a one hit wonder?

A year has passed since Jeremy Lin became a household name not only in the United States but the rest of the world as well. He was also once dubbed as the "Next Michael Jordan," an expectation that is so difficult to live up to. But after a year not much has been heard nor seen from Jeremy.

A year ago, there was an Asian American player who was picked from an Ivy League school. Armed with unsuspecting athletic talents, he whisked off to the Madison Square Garden for the Knicks game against the New Jersey Nets. Everyone was stunned and that's when Linsanity began.

But where is Jeremy Lin now? Well for starters, he's not playing under the New York Knicks anymore. In 2012, Lin singed a lucrative $25 million 3-year contract as point guard with the Houston Rockets.

While he still does a lot for his team, people can't determine whether he is "out of this world" good or he's just efficient as a player. As far as his records are concerned, Lin has been consistent with his plays on the basketball arena. But nothing close to what happened during the Knicks vs. Nets game came close.

He remains a pretty good point guard for the Houston Rockets. While they may have overpaid Lin since Linsanity fever was still not over then, he is without a doubt a good point guard. He may not be the best but he is definitely not the worst.

"I think he's kind of like a young player trying to find his destiny in his career," Houston Rocket's James Harden once said of Lin.

So is Jeremy Lin a one hit wonder? The answer is perhaps no. Maybe it's not the player that has fallen off the radar. Maybe Linsanity fever just happens to be over and the people who have created it are no long "Linsane."  Jeremy Lin is still and continues to be a good player, but something like Linsanity may take a long time to ever happen again.

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