Lindsay Lohan's Personal Documentary to Premiere on March 9: Angry Lawyers Demand Other Camps to Keep Mum About Drugs

By @Ze_Charm on

Wild child Lindsay Lohan is said to release an 8-part documentary about her fall from fame and her rise from the ashes of her past, wild life. The personal documentary is going to be aired on March 9, premiering on the Oprah Winfrey Network at 10 pm. The documentary is directed by none other than Emmy nominated moviemaker Amy Rice-therefore, viewers shall definitely be up for some good treat from the Emmy nominated director.

The documentary is said to chronicle the life of the wild child from her downwards spiral to drugs and her recovery by the help of her friends and family. During the premiere of the documentary, Lohan is constantly seen with her new life coaches-a sober coach and a personal assistant.

Meanwhile, the anchors of Fox News have recently claimed that Lindsay and her Mom Dina have been smoking up 'coccaine' rather regularly. The anchors basically tried to predict that Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan were the next ones to succumb to substance abuse. Panelist Michelle Fields later then insisted that the wild child was condoned by none other than her mom-Dina Lohan.

Hence, because of such turn of events, Mark Heller, the lawyer of the Lohans, sent a letter to whoever has been propagating  the bad news about Lindsay Lohan's alleged drug use with her mom. Do you think that Lindsay Lohan might be smoking up some crack with her very own mom Dina Lohan who has been battling emotional issues as well?

In other news, it is said that LiLo is trying in as much to get her act straight; according to NY Daily News, Lindsay Lohan has cut all ties with her "bad friends," as she is gearing up to star and produce in the upcoming thriller, "Inconceivable." The movie is set to be filmed by late March, according to the news outlet.

The star is obsessed with her comeback, as Lilo believes that the "Inconceivable" opportunity is her ticket to Hollywood glam...again. The news over the news anchors' reckless comments hurt Lilo's camp; as if the remarks about the irresponsible news about Lilo and her mother weren't enough, the news anchors added insult to the injury by saying that the "Lizzy and Dick" star could end up like Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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