Lindsay Lohan Update: LiLo Not Dating A Married Man With Kids Says Rep, What Do Fans Believe?

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Lindsay Lohan is surprising many Hollywood spectators -- again. In a KODE Magazine feature, Lindsay Lohan reportedly admitted to currently dating a married man with kids. Her rep subsequently denied the report, but what do her fans believe?

Lindsay Lohan, in the final episode of her docuseries on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), admitted that she had a miscarriage. She says it is the reason for her two weeks' absence from filming her reality show "Lindsay."

"I had a miscarriage from those two weeks that I took off. I couldn't move I was sick," Lindsay said.

Whether there is any truth to this confession or not, it still sent shockwaves to viewers, especially LiLo's mom Dina Lohan, who seemed to be oblivious of Lindsay's condition. Lindsay Lohan refuses to name the father of the baby she miscarried.

Lindsay Lohan later spilled even more details about her personal life. In an interview with KODE Magazine, she admitted to currently dating a married man with kids. LiLo does not reveal his identity but reportedly confesses this man sends her a jet just so he could see her. This affair seemed to have taken place at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California on April 11, allegedly under the influence of vodka and Ecstasy. A journalist at KODE published Lohan's confession of the relationship, which Lohan later slammed as fabricated and untrue. A representative of the star is contesting the report, saying the interview never took place, and that correspondence was only done through email. However, Allan Troy Watson, the Editor in Chief of KODE magazine, insists that Lindsay Lohan did share this information. In this TVNZ report, Watson said the facts came from Lohan herself, and that photos were also taken chronicling the times Lindsay spent with the writer.

Now speculations are rising among Hollywood celeb watchers. What do LiLo's fans have to say? Lindsay Lohan has over 8 million followers on Twitter. Here is LiLo's latest tweet:

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