Lindsay Lohan Sues Grand Theft Auto 5 Game Producers

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Lindsay Lohan, the actress known for her roles in movies, "Mean Girls" and "Parent Trap," is reportedly suing the producers of the popular game "Grand Theft Auto" 5.

She reportedly said the character in the game is based on her and the producers did not get her permission. Lohan reportedly filed a civil suit with the Supreme Court in New York on her birthday. She was born on July 2, 1986. The suit was filed against Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games. Both the companies are involved in the making of "Grand Theft Auto" 5.

According to Lohan, the character Lacey Jonas has been created with her likeness without the requisite permission from the actress.

She added the character uses similar clothes worn by the actress, including hats, sunglasses and jeans shorts. reported the hotel Gentry Manor, featured in "Grand Theft Auto" 5, is based on the West Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont, Lohan reportedly said in her complaint.

"Grand Theft Auto" 5 is a highly successful action-adventure game with a highly detailed story. The players can roam the free world in the game and encounter many new characters who play a role in the storyline of the game. The player interacts with these characters and has to accomplish the stated objectives in the game.

Players meets Lacey Jonas without makeup in the first encounter in the game. The character is "very famous" personality in the game and being chased by the paparazzi. The character does not have her makeup on and does not want her picture to be taken.

The objective of this mission in "Grand Theft Auto" 5 is to drive Lacey Jonas away from the paparazzi while she asks questions like "How is my hair? Do I look cute?" The character also introduces herself as "The voice of a generation."

"Grand Theft Auto" 5 has recently unveiled new content to celebrate the July 4 Independence Day in the U.S. The producers of the game Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games have not yet released a statement regarding the lawsuit by Lohan.

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