Lindsay Lohan to Revive Music Career, 'Speak' Album Released Almost a Decade Ago

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Lindsay Lohan is angry at the person who stole and sold the list to the media. REUTERS/DANNY MOLOSHOK

Lindsay Lohan is currently in London as she plans to record an album aside from taking care of her charity events.

The celebrity's debut album, "Speak," will be 10 years old this year and the controversial singer actress is thinking of reviving it. Instead of going back to the pop genre, she thinks she can delve into the rap scene and look for a rapper to collaborate with her, according to Entertainment Wise.

Her single, "Confessions of a Broken Heart," gained a huge following, but not enough to set the world on fire in 2005 or cement her career as a singer. The song managed to scrape in at number 57, but this hardly made Lohan a legitimate singer, at least for the critics.

Following a slew of scandals and legal troubles, her acting career went downhill and her music career totally went caput. Now Lohan seems to be reviving her career, having a docu-series dedicated to showing her road to recovery and with most of her legal troubles sorted out. She thinks she should revive her music career.

Lohan thinks her acting career is not likely to pick up soon, considering the negative reputation she earned for the past year so focusing on music might get people to take notice of her talents again. A source told The Sun: "Lindsay is staying in London and wants to record an album while she's here. She's been casting a net for collaborators and top of the list is a rapper to feature on her comeback single."

They added, "In between partying, she's taking the music seriously."

On May 8, Lohan attended the Gala for Gabrielle's Angels Foundation in London. She was wearing a green and blue Julien MacDonald mini dress. The dress was cut so low that more than just her cleavage was showing. Lindsay's obviously having fun in London. She was spotted in several restaurants in the British capital.

Her music and acting career may still be a bit rocky, awaiting producers and labels that are willing to trust their name on Lohan, but the controversial star is certainly not sulking around in a corner. She is set for an exciting month. The former child star announced she will be flying to China to help promote the "Millions of Milkshake" chain.

'I'm so happy we're going to Shanghai on May 28 for the @MILKSHAKES247 grand opening!' she tweeted on Tuesday.

"I can't wait to meet everyone!" she added. 

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