Lindsay Lohan Not a ‘Train Wreck’ on Set of “Two Broke Girls,’ Kat Dennings & Beth Behrs Deny Claims

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Lindsay Lohan wasn’t such a mess on the set of “Two Broke Girls,” the show’s stars said. Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings denied a report by a blogger that the troubled actress had been difficult on set during her guest spot filming.

The blogger from Crazy Days and Nights claimed that Lohan was a “train wreck” when she filmed her guest spot on the U.S. sitcom on Wednesday.

“Red hair. Lips so plumped out she couldn’t really get them open because of her botox which also caused her to have trouble pronouncing certain words. Of course she won’t be able to pronounce anything if she keeps smoking because her voice is rapidly disappearing into some type of screaming smoking raspy hell hole,” the blog reads, describing the 27-year-old former child star who has been in and out of rehab.

Apparently, Lohan has had trouble saying her lines that they had to take several retakes before they got a good one.

“I also want you to know that myself and all of the other 199 members of the audience are very familiar with every single one of Lindsay Lohan’s lines and can repeat them all verbatim to you because we heard them so many times last night. There is not a member of the audience who couldn’t do a better job than Lindsay Lohan did last night.”

Lohan plays an indecisive bride who wants a cake made by Max (Dennings) and Caroline (Behrs) in the show. According to the blogger, she only had a few lines to memorise, and most of them she had not delivered well.

“Lindsay had a lot of trouble stringing together the various permutations required and after thirty minutes the lines were reduced and reduced until all was left was basically the black and white line and do it yourself. There was no point in trying to get it all right because it was not going to happen.”

The blogger didn’t mince words about Lohan’s overall performance in the show, clearly disbelieving that the controversial actor claims to be taking her second chance at fame seriously.

“Lindsay looked like someone who took her script with her while she partied for a week straight and could show up and work it out while filming the show. That attitude is why she doesn’t work. She didn’t take it seriously. It was a paycheck. I hope she doesn’t get many more.”

But both Dennings and Behrs thought Lohan was a real professional on set. They quickly turned to Twitter to deny the blogger’s account that she was unprepared during the filming.

The blogger wasn’t the only one who thought Lohan was a mess during production shoots. Director Paul Schrader, who directed Lohan’s film “The Canyons,” didn’t also praise her work ethics.

“Tardiness, tantrums, absences, neediness, psychodrama,” Schrader was quoted by as describing Lohan.

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