Lindsay Lohan Frustrated with 'How I Met You Mother' Season 9 Finale, Destroys Car in Rage

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The many fans of the hit TV series “How I Met Your Mother” were all saddened by the end of the phenomenal sitcom, and some have even voiced their dismay, including Lindsay Lohan, that their favourite band of friends has reached the end of their adventures. Lindsay Lohan who is a big fan of the sitcom has taken it hard when the last episode finally aired.

A 3-minute video (below) was recorded showcasing the rage of Lohan against the ending of her most loved comedy show. Billy Eichner of “Billy on the Street” is the partner in crime of Lohan in this rage-filled video. The pictures of the cast were even posted on the car to feel like they are smashing the faces of the cast themselves.

The car-smashing video features Lohan and Eichner in downtown Manhattan. The last episode is on Monday, and the duo feels that it is still too soon to end. They are only one of the many fans who are hooked to this comedy series centered on five zany friends.

The favourite line from the show that Barny Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) often says, “Legen-dary,” is written besides his face in the glass in the front end of the car. According to Eichner, the different parts of the car has been assigned dollar values that they will sum up after the the car has been totally destroyed. They will then donate the money to the show “The Big Bang Theory” to spite the producers and cast of their favourite show, reports by Pop Crush.

The finale for the last season of “How I Met Your Mother” is going to be an hour long. Fans have long been speculating, since 2005 when the first episode aired, how Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) will meet his wife and the mother of his two kids. Nobody expected it to last for nine seasons, but certainly, it has become one of the series that fans do not want to end.

Not all fans may be as outrageous as Lohan, but the ending will definitely play on the heartstrings of many who have watched the series through the years.

(Credit: YouTube/billyonthestreettv)

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