Lindsay Lohan Disses 'Hunger Games' star Jennifer Lawrence—Find Out What She Has to Say About JLaw

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Lindsay Lohan has just been dropping bombs for the past weeks. With her own docu-series coming to a halt, the troubled actress has made it a point to drop rather nonchalantly explosive revelations about her never ending personal struggles. The "Mean Girls" star emerged sad and weak after her "sex list" surfaced for everyone to see.

During an interview on her own documentary, the troubled actress said that the sex list was "not only humiliating but was also just mean," as previously reported here on IBTimes AU. Now, Lindsay Lohan is back for more controversies as the latest publicity act of the actress includes dissing none other than America's sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence.

During an interview with Kode Magazine, which the "Herbie" actress is also cover girl, the 27-year old did not fail to generate public drama when she accused American Sweetheart of derogatory terms. The article says:

"...She saunters off into the opposite side of the room as the conversation then moves to America's current sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence. Her feeling towards her infamous stumble at the ceremony's red carpet is pretty evident. "She's so fake and I'm sorry I'm not going to f*ck for roles."

It is clear from the article that Lindsay Lohan accused the "Hunger Games" star of sleeping around to snag popular roles in movies. While such statements might have been said out of angst or envy, the likelihood of Jennifer Lawrence sleeping around is just slim. For one, the American sweetheart has a stable relationship with "Warm Bodies" actor Nicolas Hoult. Secondly, the 23-year old actress has already won an Oscar for her well-received portrayal of a mentally unstable girl in "Silver Linings Playbook."

Is Lindsay Lohan trying to drag in Jennifer Lawrence's name to generate publicity for herself?

It could be the case that Lohan is trying to drag in one of America's most popular faces into controversy to generate publicity for herself. After all, the former child star has been dropping bombs all over the media to possibly up the ante for her low-rating docu-series. Looks like Lindsay is succeeding in generating publicity for herself albeit at a negative kind of fame.

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