Lindsay Lohan Cries Over Leaked Sex List: ‘It's Not Only Humiliating, but just mean'

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Lindsay Lohan sure has a knack in surprising her fans with all of her crazy antics. The troubled actress has been embroiled in countless controversies that have dampened her reputation as an artist. After a long battle against drugs and alcohol, Lindsay Lohan is trying to build her life back-and possibly get back her acting career.

That is why after being admitted in a rehab facility for her alleged drug addiction on cocaine and her alcohol abuse, Lilo, 27, is more than ever ready to take on a new chapter in her life, free of illicit substances and alcohol. The road to such goal, however, is mired certainly with Lilo's personal struggles. According to reports, the "Mean Girls" actress was seen drinking Vodka during the festival of the sun Coachella even if she is not allowed to do so in line with her rehabilitation program on alcohol.

Lindsay Lohan also shocked the world once more as a sex list of hers surfaced on the internet. The list features a couple of big names in the industry. Those who were included in the sex list are Adam Levine, the late Heath Ledger, Justin Timberlake, James Franco, Adam Levine, Guy Berryman, Zac Efron and many more.

The sex list was retrieved after the troubled star failed to collect the handwritten note after a drunken party with her girlfriends in a hotel bar. Some names have been blocked off as it might potentially hurt the current relationship of the guys involved.

During her Season Finale of her documentary on OWN, Lindsay hints about the sex list that has been spreading like wildfire on the Internet.

"It's not only humiliating ...but just mean," Lilo said in the 2 hour finale of her docu-series.

During the episode, she reveals she was pissed off at the gossip column that published the leaked sex list which was penned by none other than Lindsay Lohan herself.

Fans think that her crying over her leaked sex list is just a publicity ploy to attract more viewers to her low ratings docu-series. It has been reported that the documentary was not really doing well in raking in dollars from TV viewers due to the low ratings.

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