Lindsay Lohan Confirms That All Names In The "The Great 36" Sex List Are True

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Lindsay Lohan Adamant About Every 36 Names In Sex List
Lindsay Lohan is angry at the person who stole and sold the list to the media. REUTERS/DANNY MOLOSHOK

Lindsay Lohan is once again making the news. This time, however, she is extremely furious at the person who leaked her 'The Great 36' list in public.

Earlier this year, a list of '36 lucky men' was leaked to the public. This list had handwritten names of men who purportedly had intimate relations with Lohan. When the list was then made public, many among those included retaliated while some chose to maintain their silence.

One of the names included in the list is Adam Levine, who insisted that he never had sexual relations with Lohan. He refuted this allegation in an interview with Howard Stern by candidly saying, "I did not have sexual intercourse with Lindsay Lohan."

Lohan, however, defended the veracity of the leaked list. She is adamant on the fact that she had intimate relations with each and every name listed. This issue led the public to wonder why one would write the names of their past sexual encounters on a piece of paper. To further add to the absurdity of the idea, she listed the full names of the men.  

Lohan clarified that this list was a part of the rehabilitation exercise, which she undertook at Betty Ford Clinic for alcohol abuse. She also claimed that the list was extremely personal. Lohan asserted that someone stole it from her when she was moving from New York to LA. She also claimed to have an idea with respect to the culprit, but refused to initiate a confrontation.

The leaked list is definitely star-studded, which included prestigious celebrities, such as Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher and Orlando Bloom. Another name in the list is James Franco, who retaliated using short film documenting his encounters with the actress. Other major personalities involved have chosen to keep mum on the issue.

The 28-year-old American actress, model and recording artist started her career when she was just three years old. She began as a child model. Lohan has consistently been a magnet of controversies due to her occasional outbursts of eccentric behaviour. She had spent time in lockdown rehabilitation and is still under therapy until the next court hearing, which is scheduled in November 2014.

The star had earlier been part of several remarkable movies, such as Just My Luck, Mean Girls, Freaky Friday and Confessions of Teenage Drama Queen. She will soon embark on a new chapter in her career with a theatre debut in David Mamet's "Speed The Plow" at London's Playhouse.

The actress is claimed to have high expectations from this upcoming play, which is rumoured to serve as her comeback. However, Lohan is reported to already feel apprehensive about the opening night due to all the negative publicity caused by the infamous sex list.

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