Lindsay Lohan Claims that She Had a Miscarriage While Filming Documentary

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Lindsay Lohan is alive again with all the controversies to boot. The troubled actress has long been battling her personal demons that include drug abuse and alcohol dependence. The  "Mean Girls" star has been the butt of every gossip item-from her illegal substance intake, sex list and down to her money woes. This time, Lindsay Lohan is back again with more explosive bombs to reveal. According to the "Herbie" actress, she had a miscarriage while taping her own docu-series just weeks before its finale.

Lindsay told the staff and the producers about her miscarriage to explain her absence and tardiness while filming the docu-series. The troubled actress, however, did not reveal who the father was and the exact details of her miscarriage.

"No one knows this - I had a miscarriage for those weeks that I took off," Lindsay Lohan said during the broadcast of her documentary.

The 27-year old further described how the miscarriage affected her emotional and mental health. The miscarriage was said to have left the actress "bedridden and immobilized" for a couple of days, according to Hollywood Life.

"I couldn't move, I was sick," Lindsay expressed in her documentary. "Mentally, that messes with you." The actress further mentioned during the broadcast of her show.

Even during the taping, the actress could not help but retell how she endured her miscarriage. "Watching this series, I just know how I felt at that moment and I can relate to that girl, which sounds kind of crazy... But I'm like, 'Oh my god, this is really sad. Who's helping her?" the actress further revealed on the docu-series.

Lindsay Lohan is just a controversy magnet nowadays. Lindsay has come under attack by concerned fans as it has been reported that the star has been sipping on alcoholic beverages during the festival of sun Coachella.  Lindsay is said to allegedly back to her old partying ways as many people have witnessed her going in and out of nightclubs.The troubled actress has surely dished out a lot of personal struggles that she had to endure during her tumultuous rehab days on the low-rating documentary.

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