Lil Wayne to Retire Soon, Dethroned as ‘The Best Rapper Alive’

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American rapper Lil Wayne, known for his flamboyance on and off the stage, believed that he's no longer the best rapper alive and insisted that it's now the time for the other artists to take the spotlight.

In an interview with journalist Elliott Wilson's CRWN last week, Wayne admitted that he's no longer the Alpha Dog of the rapping industry - the title he claimed when he launched his first album under YMCMB imprint.

Young Money stressed that the centre stage now belongs to his artists such as Nicki Minaj and Drake who already sold 10 million records around the world under his recording label.

"Because I have awesome artists, simple and plain. I'm not trying to outshine them at all." Wayne told CRWN. "At that time. I didn't have that [awesome artist to look out for]," he said. "So when I was saying it like that, I was like 'I don't care who was on the mic.' Now I have artists that I feel like 'I want you to be better than me."

Wayne also gave the reasons behind the signing of Drizzy who has become a juggernaut in the music industry in just few years since he was launched as a rapping star.

 "His talent, obviously that's what I look for. Not to mention he's a wonderful person, but this is music, this is what we do. All the other stuff come with the other stuff, but as you can see, I don't be worrying about stuff like that. I'm just an artist. I just want you to enjoy my music and nothing else. I'm not expecting you to enjoy my lifestyle. I'm not expecting you to enjoy what I do off the mic or off stage."

Lil Wayne also admitted he didn't see something special in Minaj few years back, but he's proud 'The Starship' singer proved him wrong as she became not only the best female rapper but among the finest rappers in the industry.

"She was being Nicki, that's who I met," recalled the New Orleans native. "That was without the glitz and the glamour. When I first heard the first two and four bars, it wasn't about 'she's rapping better than any female rapper;' she's rapping better than the rappers. Period."

The 31-year-old Wayne is set to retire as a solo artist as he will be releasing the Carter V - his last album scheduled for release in May.

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