Lil Wayne Kicked Out From Miami Heat-Los Angeles Lakers Game

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Apart from his music, Lil Wayne also has a reputation of causing riots at NBA games during the past year. This time, the security has had enough and decided to kick the rapper out of the Heat-Lakers game.

Lil Wayne was kicked out of the American Airlines Arena last Sunday after causing a riot during the game. At some point during the Heat-Lakers game, there was a commotion caused by the rapper. Lil Wayne was said to be upset over something that caused the agitation.

There were a bunch of live tweets reporting about what was happening at the arena during the game. AP Sports Writer Tim Reynolds tweeted that Lil Wayne was indeed "going crazy over something." He eventually was thrown out of the arena.

"Lil Wayne is going to be the first person to get thrown out of every NBA arena solely for being annoying," @BobbyBigWheel tweeted.

Just after a few minutes, Lil Wayne gave his version of the story and admitted that he was indeed thrown out. The rapper said that he got kicked out of the match because he was supporting the Los Angeles Lakers.

"So I'm @ da Heat game right, rootin 4 the Lakerz kuz dats my team and would you believe they got police 2 make me leave?! Wow! F*ck da Heat," Lil Wayne tweeted, explaining  his side of the story on Twitter.

Although Lil Wayne's claim was highly unlikely, there are other versions of the story that has been circulating.

Apparently, the rapper was involved in a word battle against another fan. At some point, some say that he made a gun gesture and then he was later confronted by security guards.

However Heat spokeswoman Lorrie-Ann Diaz said that Lil Wayne was not kicked out of the stadium but instead, the rapper chose to leave on his own.

While it is unclear if Lil Wayne was kicked out of the game or not, the rapper should keep away from basketball games for the meantime. It seems like bad luck to follows him around NBA arenas. 

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