Lil Wayne Dead: Death Hoax Hits Facebook And Twitter Again Amid Nicki Minaj's Pregnancy Rumors

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Popular American Rapper Lil Wayne has recently been victimized to yet another celebrity death hoax. This was the second time in a month's time when the star's death hoax has panicked his fans. The hoax has come when Nicki Minaj is rumored to be pregnant with his child.

Lil Wayne Death Hoax

The 31-year-old American rapper Wayne was reportedly dead, again in just two weeks after when he was first declared dead in a popular death hoax. According to reports, earlier a post initiated on Facebook, stated "R.I.P- Rapper Lil Wayne Found Dead!" went viral on social media sites that led to a death hoax on Dec. 27. This time, instigating the rumor of yet another Wayne death hoax is a video posted on Facebook, as reported by

While some fans panicked on the death hoax, some joked about it on Twitter. Some of the tweets about Lil Wayne death hoax on Twitter read:

A Twitter user Alyssa Henry tweeted: "Well.. I see Lil Wayne has been found dead again for like the 20th time in the past year"

Twitter user Bridget Philips tweeted: "WOW these Lil Wayne rumors almost killed me he's not dead and never will be and I almost had a heart attack God bless him"

Another Twitter user wrote:"Mom asked me was lil wayne is dead. I said where did you hear that? She said Facebook....... "

Nicki Minaj Pregnancy Rumors With Lil Wayne's Child

According to the nth Lil Wayne death hoax, the rapper is dead and on the other hand rumors claim that Nicki Minaj is pregnant with his child.

Sources close to Minaj have reported that "Pink Friday" singer has been different than herself and putting up "unusual behavior" that indicates towards pregnancy.

"[Nicki] was just out to have a good time one night, but she got the good time and more," the site said.

"[Nicki] has been involved with another [Young Money] crew member and Lil Wayne's label mate, Drake. And in July of last year, super producer DJ Khaled, known for screaming 'We the best!' over some of the hottest tracks in the rap game, surprised, well, pretty much everyone when he swore his undying love and proposed to Minaj on YouTube," reported

The Web site also reported second evidence to the singer's pregnancy. "She twice made toasts by drinking water instead of wine. It is 'highly unusual' for Nicki to toast with anything but a full glass of wine," revealed the eyewitness insider as reported by

Reportedly, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne were not in a serious relationship, thus questions upon his paternity have aroused.

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