Likely Nexus 6 on Release Date Outed as Nexus 5-Builder LG Officially Uncloaks G Pro 2 Ahead of 2014 MWC

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Now we have a clear picture of how the Nexus 6 will likely look and strut on release date, thanks to the newly unveiled LG G Pro 2, which of course will come from Nexus 5-maker LG.

South Korea's LG dubbed the G Pro 2 as the successor to the 'Best Smartphone of MWC 2013' but the accompanying press release somehow indicates that the handset is practically a clone of the LG G2 that was issued last year.

One glaring similarity is the rear touch-button, which Google ditched when the G2 was eventually used as the Nexus 6 template. The tech giant could do the same this year but as expected, lips are sealed and comments are hard to come by on that note.

At any rate, the G Pro 2 would certainly make a fine Nexus 6 model - boasting of the following powerhouse components:

- A 2.26GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor

- An Adreno 330 graphics

- 3GB of RAM

- 16GB or 32GB of internal storage with microSD support

- Wireless connectivity options like Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and NFC

- 3200mAh removable battery

In the event, of course, that the G Pro 2 becomes the next Nexus, don't be surprise to see the memory expansion slot and removable battery features disappear. Not gonna happen as they are beyond Google's signature.

This Nexus 6 candidate will sport a phablet-standard screen at 5.9-inch in Full HD 1080p resolution and LG drum beats that apart from offering a supersized display panel, the G Pro 2 will impress with sound clarity and killer camera features at 13MP on rear, further extending its utilities outside of the smartphone sphere.

One highlight feature is the G Pro 2's unlocking mechanism - sort of LG's answers to Android's Face Unlock and Apple's Touch ID. In LG's take, users simply tap on the blanked out screen and the G Pro 2 will immediately come into full life.

The function was introduced last year via the LG G2 and the LG G Pad but serving as an upgrade is the new Knock Code system, which when modified by device owners will secure the G Pro 2 with 86,367 of possible pattern combinations, per LG's press release.

Another security feature is the encrypting tool Content Lock - the G Pro 2's way of protecting files that will reserve them for the user's eyes only.

LG has also devised an ingenious way of providing one-hand navigation with the gargantuan G Pro 2 - that is by wincing down the display panel to 3.4-inch, which is about the size of the iPhone 4 screen.

For the fans of Samsung's Multi-Window, which permits simultaneous viewing of two apps or multitasking, LG is making Dual Browser available for G Pro 2 buyers. The two features render in the exact manner.

Running the whole show is Android OS KitKat 4.4 that will be in native build or higher version should the G Pro 2 is transformed to the Nexus 6 after some few months.

According to LG, hands-on will be provided to the public in time for the 2014 Mobile World Congress that kicks off in Barcelona, Spain on February 25.

So soon enough, Android fans will get to unpack a truly exciting smartphone in the LG G Pro 2 that potentially will become the Google Nexus 6 on a later release date - that is if Lenovo-Motorola would succeed in eventually bumping off LG from Google's grace as recent reports have suggested.

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