Likely Nexus 10 2 on Release Date Exposed as Unreleased 10-Inch Samsung Galaxy Tab with 2K AMOLED Display?

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While many might have given up on the Nexus 10 2, the likelihood of its release date becoming real soon popped up anew with the emergence of a new Galaxy Tab from Samsung that boasts of a 10-inch AMOLED display in 2K resolution.

A report from Samsung fan site SamMobile provided no press shot of the upcoming Galaxy Tab that supposedly will roll out in numerous variants with the following model numbers: SM-T800, SM-T801 and SM-T805.

But details about this unreleased Tab abound, said the same SamMobile report.

For one, it definitely is a high-end model all builds will show off AMOLED display panel, which according to BGR is something new for any of Samsung's different Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note slates, at least in the past three years.

The last time a Sammy tab was with AMOLED was in 2011 when the Galaxy Tab 7.7 was issued. That device, however, didn't fare well against the competition. It appears that Samsung believes that it is a different time and landscape now in the global tablet business.

The South Korean tech giant is hoping to create a giant ripple this time by unleashing a Galaxy Tab again with the Super AMOLED display technology, which in the upcoming render will deliver 2K resolution or 2560 x 1600 pixels to be exact.

The device is a certified powerhouse, according to SamMobile, drawing its muscle from an Exynos 5 processing chip. It was unclear if the CPU is in 64-bit class but the same report hinted that most of the impressive features that Samsung had previewed with the Galaxy S5 last month will be extended to the upcoming Galaxy Tab.

While confirming that the AMOLED-laced Galaxy Tab will be unboxed soon, SamMobile noted on its report that the device screen size could be between 8-inch and 10-inch.

If the latter screen profile turns out to be true, then there is a high chance that the new Galaxy Tab could be used as the base-model for the Nexus 10 2, which remains a well-guarded Google secret.

True, other device manufacturers like HTC and Asus have been cited as the more plausible builder of the second Nexus 10 but Samsung holds an edge over them. It is a more powerful company that wields a vaunted supply chain and a wide reach in the international market - qualities that are important to Google in ensuring that this full-sized Nexus will be more successful than its predecessor.

Plus, Samsung is the name carried by the first Nexus 10.

It is likely that this Galaxy Tab is with premium price on debut date, per SamMobile, but this is something that Samsung and Google can easily remedy with a bit of adjustment on components. In the end, this 2K Galaxy Tab could easily morph into the next Nexus 10 that highlights high-end specs and features but with accessible pricing.

On release date, the new Super AMOLED 10-inch Galaxy Tab is slated to stand on KitKat 4.4.2 but as the Nexus 10 2, it should show off Android 4.5, which is rumoured for unveiling during Google's I/O Developers Conference in June 24 and 25 this 2014.

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