‘Life of Pi’ Movie Competes with ‘The Hobbit’ for the Top Spot in Australian Box Office [PHOTOS]

  on January 08 2013 4:02 PM

"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" is currently dominating the Australian Box Office. However, the Peter Jackson film should enjoy the top box office success while it lasts because director Ang Lee's "Life of Pi" is rapidly coursing its way closer to the number one spot.

"Life of Pi" is a critically-acclaimed film about the story of a boy who survived 227 days in the Pacific Ocean with nothing but a boat and a tiger for companion. The movie captivated viewers during the first week of its official release on cinemas.

After earning almost $5 million, "Life of Pi" is close to defeating what "The Hobbit" film earned upon its theatrical release which is close to $6 million. "Life of Pi" also came out triumphant over "Les Miserables" as it pushed the musical film to the third spot in the Australian box office with over $3 million earnings.

In the overseas box office, "Life of Pi" was hailed king with an earning of $60 million from 65 foreign markets with approximately 5 million movie admissions at about 13,500 cinemas. The film significantly raised its international gross close to $302 million.

"Life of Pi" reached the No. 1 spot in several markets where it was released. Over the weekend, "Life of Pi" topped Mexico with a total earning of $11.1 million. In Europe, the film raked in $28.7 million in the United Kingdom while it has earned $14.6 million in Germany and $14.1 million in Russia.

In Asia, "Life of Pi" also earned a staggering $5.4 million in South Korea and a whopping $90 million in China. "Pi is resonating with people of all cultures around the world," Paul Hanneman, Fox President of International Distribution, stated.

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