Life after Harry Potter: What does the future hold for the cast? [PHOTOS]

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Now that the Harry Potter movie franchise has reached its end, fans are wondering what cast members Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint are planning for the future.

Lead star Daniel Radcliffe seems to be planning ahead to keep his future stable with education. "I watch a huge amount of stuff on the Discovery Channel and have started considering doing an Open University course because I'm becoming more and more fascinated by archaeology" says Radcliffe in a recent interview posted at Celebrity Gossip. "So yes, as sad as I am to say goodbye to Harry, I'm really excited to see what the future holds", continues the Harry Potter phenomenon. Aside from planning to go to college, Daniel will probably continue his journey onstage after playing the lead in the musical "How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying" in February 2011.

Like her co-star Radcliffe, Emma Watson also plans to continue studying art history. After leaving Brown University in May to work on the last Potter film, Watson is said to transfer to a new college this fall. When asked how she felt about leaving the movie, the actress said "I will actually just miss being her, getting to come into work every day and be this girl that lives in this magical amazing world and get to go on all the adventures that she goes on" in a report posted by Reuters. Watson continued "that part's quite devastating".

While Radcliffe and Watson already have plans after Harry Potter, red headed Rupert Grint is still relying on flashbacks and his experience playing Ron Weasley for 9 years. "I don't think I still have really come to terms with that. After we finished (filming) a year ago now I have felt a little bit lost without it, really, and not really knowing what to do with myself" says the actor in a report posted at Reuters. Grint has starred in a couple of films including 2006's "Driving Lessons". Grint's independent movie entited "Cherrybomb" is yet to be released.



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