Life After Death from 'Game of Thrones' - 'The Kings of the Realm'

Follow the careers of killed of actors in the HBO original series
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Because of its worldwide poupularity, GOT is the most pirated show on the television today. According to BitTorrent, GOT season 3 finale managed to gain “5.9 million downloads via BitTorrent, the 2013 season finale has beat the competition by a landslide.” REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

As a follow up to "Life After Death from 'Game of Throne's -The Starks," here's a look at what happened to the actors who played the Kings of the Realm. In the battle for the Iron Throne, many kings and pretenders emerged. Naturally, having only one Iron Throne and one King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm, many of the characters are bound to end up dead.

ROBERT BARATHEON (Mark Addy)- The series opened with the introduction of Robert Baratheon as King of the Seven Kingdoms. Subsequent conflicts saw him dead only halfway through the first season. With the series now mid way through the fourth season, actor Mark Addy has since starred in a string of other TV series. He has appeared in "National Theatre Live" (2010-2011), "Great Expectations" (2011),"The Syndicate" (2013), "Trollied" (2011-2013), "Atlantis" (2013) and "Remember Me" (2014). Things don't look bad for Mark Addy after his character dies unceremoniously after being attacked by a wild boar.

RENLY BARATHEON (Gethin Anthony)- The English actor played Robert's younger brother and pretender to the throne after his death. The crown should technically be passed on to the Baratheon children but doubts about their parentage have brought forward claims from the Baratheon brothers. Youngest brother Renly decided to claim the throne over his older brother Stannis Baratheon and eventually got himself killed by order of Stannis. Best known for his gay scenes in the series, Anthony has since moved on to starring in a whopping number of six movies in the year since his last appearance in "Game of Thrones." Anthony appeared in "Cloud Chambe"r (2013), "Copenhagen" (2014) and is in post production or currently filming "We Are Monster" (2014), "Narcopolis" (2014). "Alt" (2014) and "Hi-Lo Joe' (2014)

KHAL DROGO (Jason Momoa)- While not technically a King of Westeros, Khal Drogo ruled over his tribe of Dothraki. Like Robert Baratheon, he suffered an uncharacteristic and unceremonious death when his characted suffered from an infection of wounds he inflicted on himself. Despite having only a few speaking lines and appearing in a handful of episodes, Jason Momoa played one of the most memorable character. He has since moved on to star in another TV series, "The Red Road" (2014) and is in the middle of production for several films: "Road to Paloma" (2014), "Wolves" (2014), "Debug" (2014), "The Voyager" (2015) and "Sugar Mountain"(2015).

The King in the North ROBB STARK had already been featured in "Life After Death in 'Game of Thrones'- The Starks." The latest king to lose his life in the series is Joffrey Baratheon. Rumor has it that young actor Jack Gleeson may retire from acting to pursue further studies.

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