Life After 'The Bachelor' 2014: Juan Pablo Refuses Spending Night With Nikki Ferrell After Final Rose Ceremony; Treats Her Like ‘Garbage’

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The 26-year-old pediatric nurse Nikki Ferrell may have won the "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014), but fans are not convinced if she has won bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis' heart. Speculations about their relationship are running wild. Fans and media are eager to know what actually happened after camera stopped rolling and filming of "The Bachelor" 2014 ended. Rumor has it that Juan Pablo refused to have sex with Nikki Ferrell after The Final Rose ceremony. Also, Nikki is being ignored by JPG. Read full article to know what's going on in Nikki Ferrell and JPG's life after "The Bachelor" 2014 finale.

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell have gone public with their relationship after announcing they are together on "The Bachelor" 2014 finale. But according to recent report by Radar Online, the man is keeping a distance from the winner of the final rose. It is reported, JPG didn't want to have sex with the lady he chose to be after handing her the final rose.

A "production insider" revealed that "they did not spend the night together."

The source revealed that they returned to "same hotel" after The Final Rose Ceremony, and Nikki wanted to "spend the night with him but he chose not to."

For more, Juan Pablo has been ignoring all sorts of "advances" made by Nikki Ferrell leading up to the final announcement on After the Final Rose special. As per the source, Nikki Ferrell has been trying to contact Juan Pablo through calls and shockingly enough "he would never answer his phone."

"It would always go to his voicemail. Her messages would also often go unanswered." If he responds it would be via texts which said, 'busy,' 'can't talk,' and 'call later.  

For a long time media outlets have been speculating their break up and a relationship that wouldn't last long. Lending credibility to such speculation is the fact that Juan Pablo hasn't still told Nikki Ferrell "I love you." Even during the finale, he refused to answer host Chris Harrison when he pressurized him to let the audience know if he loved her.

"I'm not going to answer that question," said JPG.

As per the report, Nikki Ferrell was "devastated behind-the scenes at the live show." She was comforted by the producers on set and they admitted that he is "unprofessional and selfish a-hole." The source also called Juan Pablo a "first class jerk" who is reportedly treating Nikki Ferrell like "garbage."

During "The Bachelor" Season 18 (2014) finale, Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo got some viewers to believe that they are working towards the betterment of their relationship. But according to latest E! Online report, closest friends of Nikki Ferrell expressed their concern that she might "get her heartbroken." Do you think Nikki will actually have her heartbroken?

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