Liam Hemsworth 'Sick' of Miley Cyrus' Midnight Drunken Calls, Feels 'Sorry' For the Singer? [PHOTOS]

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It's been quite some time that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have called off their relationship but there are new reports in the media that suggest that the "Wrecking Ball" songstress is still not over Liam completely. According to a news report in OK magazine, Miley still calls up the "Hunger Games" hunk on his cell phone several times a day and even at midnight!

The reports claim that the 21-year-old calls up the Australian actor whenever she is drunk and has to vent out her innermost feelings. Liam is now getting pissed off at Miley's irrational behavior and wants her to have a new boyfriend in life, the report claims. However Miley's heart still beats for Liam, the magazine claims.

"[Miley] just won't let him go," OK! Magazine's source revealed, according to She "blows up Liam's phone several times a week, usually when she's drunk, but also when she's down and lonely."

The magazine claims that Liam feels his life has become miserable because of Miley's phone calls and is "sick" of it.

"Liam feels sorry for Miley. But he's sick of it. He'd love for her to fall for someone new so the late-night calls and texts will finally stop," the source continued.

The singer is currently in the hospital battling a severe allergic reaction to some anti-biotic magazines and is also forced to cancel her impending United States tours. She might have to stay longer in hospital for another month or so.

However there was news in the media earlier that Liam actually got panicked about Miley's health and even called her up at the hospital.

Those two are just opposite reports - one saying that Miley is blasting off Liam's phone while other says that Liam actually called up Miley in hospital. Which one do you think is true?

Miley has known Liam ever since she was 16-years-old and was famous as "Hannah Montana." The two shared a special bond and even got engaged and were about to get married. However things did not work out between the two. But the truth is that Miley and Liam are still single and have not hooked up with anyone. Do you think there are chances that the two will patch-up in future?  

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