Liam Hemsworth Shares Sex Scene Prank On ‘Paranoia’ Set

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Australian actor Liam Hemsworth knows a thing or two about sex scenes. Miley Cyrus’ fiancé has learned that no matter how steamy and serious a sex scene is, there’s always room for laughter, at least if the laughs are aimed at him.

The 23-year-old star has revealed an occasion in which he became a victim of a practical joke of the the crew of his film Paranoia.

Liam was filming a hot sex scene with co-star Amber Heard when everyone apparently decided they need a little laughter on set.

“I get into the bed and they say ‘action,’” he told E! News. “And then I turn over and I grab what I thought was her arm, and it was a giant dildo.

“It was about that big,” he held his hands nearly two feet apart, “black one. And I pulled it out, and everyone was in on it ... except me, yeah.”

Good to know a serious film starring two of the most respected actors in the industry – Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford – still knew how to draw some laughs.

Paranoia is a tech thriller that centres on a young worker who is blackmailed to become an undercover spy for a rival company. Soon he finds himself trapped between two corporate tycoons.

It is expected to hit theatres on August 16 in the U.S.

Meanwhile, although Liam stayed mum on his engagement with Miley, her little sister wasn’t as reserved. Noah Cyrus, 13, revealed that the two lovebirds’ wedding might take some time to happen.

“They’re not planning yet,” Noah told reporters at the 2013 Do Something Awards in Hollywood on July 31.

But whenever Miley and Liam plan to hold it, Noah is expecting that they’d pick her to be the Maid of Honour.

“It better be a very, very cool dress that I have,” she said, planning her own attire on her sister’s wedding, “because I want to rock a dress.”

Liam and Miley met in 2009 on the set of the drama The Last Song, which is based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name. They were reported to have split twice in 2010, but have since reunited. They announced their engagement in 2012.

“Paranoia” trailer:

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