Liam Hemsworth Rejects Miley Cyrus: Asks the Depressed Singer to 'Move On'- Reports

Miley Cyrus
Miley decided she wanted to get healthy and toned, so she began a gluten free diet, along with a regular workout.

Liam Hemsworth reportedly thinks that Miley Cyrus should move on. Miley and Liam broke-up their engagement last September but a new report according to Hollywoodlife claims that Cyrus is not over Liam.

"He told her he's not interested in getting back together and that she should move on," a source revealed In Touch magazine. Moreover, it is being said that Miley has been calling Liam constantly, but Liam "pretty much said he's done with her for good. She felt so rejected," reported the Web site.

Another source has also revealed that Cyrus is in a bad state and is totally depressed by the rejection.

Miley "is depressed and in a pretty bad mental state right now," another source to the mag said, adding, "She's closer to rock bottom than she's ever been before."

Cyrus and Liam met on the sets of " The Last Song" and got engaged in May 2013. However, they broke-up for unknown reasons and now as per the Life& Style magazine reports Cyrus is obsessed with Liam.

"May was hard for Miley, the anniversary has made her more depressed - she realizes how much she misses her life with Liam. She is obsessed with him and really wants him back," a source told the magazine according to Hollywoodlife.

Since her break-up from Liam, Miley has been giving some extremely crazy performances. During her recent Bangerz tour, Cyrus was seen wearing almost no clothes and doing some highly controversial tactics.

There is no confirmation to the news that Cyrus is missing Liam and wants to get back with him but there is one thing which could be said about singer is that she really seems to be enjoying her time at the concerts.

Meanwhile, Liam Hemsworth has recently finished shooting the last scene for  the final "Hunger Games" film. In the film Liam would be seen opposite Jennifer Lawrence.

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