Liam Hemsworth Allegedly Loves Miley's New Look?

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Radical changes is what most teenagers are known for, and Miley is not an exemption.

After turning her hair blonde, she cut it short and posted it on the internet for the whole world to see. Some loved it, mostly hated it, but like most teenagers, she only cared how she loved her new look. But after making its rounds, her radical hair finally got the much-wanted love from the only person that mattered: Liam Hemsworth.

"@TeamMileyNY @s2welovemiley he loves it :) last night he said I look the happiest he's seen me in a while :) he likes seeing my eyes more" tweeted Miley as a reply to fans who asked if her soon to be husband like her haircut.

Liam and Miley met during their taping of "The Last Song", where they dated shortly after. Liam Hemsworth is the younger brother if Chris Hemsworth, well-known for playing the character of Thor.

Shortly after "the cut", Miley are mostly posting pictures of herself showing off her newly loved hair, which made a fan ask E! Online about her "narcissism".

"Why is Miley Cyrus constantly posting photos of herself, many of them showing off her abs or legs, or just her latest style? Does she really need to be told over and over again that she looks good? Or is there some other goal in mind?" quoted Ocean Up from E! Online in an article, which resulted to experts giving their two cents.

Dr David Reiss, a psychiatrist, says that what the 19-year old is doing is normal teenage narcissism and flirting, and she might think that it is good publicity for her. Psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert agrees with Dr. Reiss, saying that she's just doing what many 19-year-olds do, which is showing off her new look.

"Given the fact that she is a celebrity, there's also a secondary gain that is part strategic. Anything that draws attention to her sells her brand." he continued in an interview with E! Online.

Miley might be twitpic-ing herself a little too much, but that just comes with her job as a celebrity. And obviously, she is doing a fantastic job.

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