LG Unveils Child Tracking Kizon Device to Help Parents

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There is good news for parents. LG Electronics has announced a wrist-worn device Kizon to track children, reports BBC. The device will help parents to track and update children on what they are up to. The target audience for the new device will be families having pre-school and primary school children.

LG Kizon Properties

The LG Kizon is water and stain-resistant with a button at its front. The wristband uses GPS and Wi-Fi to pinpoint a child's location and report back to the parent over a mobile internet connection. Parents can call the wristband directly which will automatically answer. LG says the Kizon can run for 36 hours between charges and works with 2G and 3G cellular networks.

Entry of a Big Brand

Despite many startups trying their hand in this arena no big brand ever made a product in this segment. That is why LG's entry is evoking much interest. Start-ups like KMS Solutions, Tinitell and Filip had come out with similar products.

How It Helps?

For all parents the most frightening feeling can be their children going missing or getting lost. Devices like this are a boon to children suffering from autism.

Connected Children

According to an expert who has been quoted in the BBC report, companies developing tracking products must ensure the security around the data collected. It must be ensured that only the parents are getting access to a child's location and its contact details.

The important point is to establish good lines of communication with children and make them feel comfortable to talk to parents when they are in any tricky situations.

State Support

Leading health technology blogger Ellen Seidman notes there is policy support encouraging the use of tracking devices in children to ensure safety especially when they have special needs. He cites the case of Justice Department in the US paying for the voluntary-used GPS tracking devices through its Byrne grant programme. The Justice Department has been distributing the cost of each device at the rate of $85 via the local police departments to reach the end users.

Seidman notes that children with autism are in high risk of wandering away, as per a study by the journal Pediatrics. It also said a majority of the fatalities involve drowning. So devices like the one released by LG if worn on the body of the children can assure their safety and well being.

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