LG Nexus 4 Production Will Not Stop, to Battle Head-on with Optimus G2?

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Google Nexus 4 will be available off-contract soon, according to the latest statement from one of LG's spokespersons.

LG France Communications Director Cathy Robin has been quoted by Challenges.fr in a question-and-answer format article. Google translation of said article shows the French executive quashed rumours that Nexus 4 production has been halted in view of a Nexus 5.

"The Nexus 4 will not stop. On the contrary, the [production] rate will increase. From mid-February, there will be more pressure on the market," reads the translated report.

Robin also hinted the glitch in the supply chain should not be blamed against LG alone. She mentioned the demand forecast for the Nexus 4 was based on previous Nexus sales, but it appears the actual sales surprised them.

"For example, the initial forecasts of Google were 10 times higher in the United Kingdom and Germany. We deliver so much more in these countries than France. There was a balance that has been poorly anticipated. But be careful, I do not throw stones at anyone. Google and LG, it's going very well."  

It will be recalled that Google UK and Ireland managing director Dan Cobley posted on his Google+ page in December that, "supplies from the manufacturer (LG) are scarce and erratic." The phrase was part of an apology he released to those complaining about the Nexus 4 supply.

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LG is expected to unveil its upcoming flagship phone in an international conference in February. How will LG's own device fare against its manufactured mobile for Google?

LG will reportedly unveil the Optimus G2 at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona in February.  The device will not be released until much later in the year, in time for Optimus G's debut anniversary. However, CNET earlier reported a possible "stopgap" device that should be available sooner.

On the possibility of Nexus 4 "overshadowing" the "new flagship" of LG, Robin maintained the Google smartphone will not "shade" the upcoming LG phone.

For now, eager buyers of Nexus 4 can relax. There's still hope for them to get their hands on the Google flagship phone without signing carrier contracts.

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