LG Nexus 4 Achieves 1M Shipment; Sells at T-Mobile for $US49

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Over two months into global circulation, Nexus 4 has already passed the one million mark in overall shipments, based on the estimates provided by one forum member at XDA Developers.

"Ladies and gentleman, we just reached the millionth device," the XDA post was reported by TechCrunch as saying.

Note that back in early January, the same folks' careful scrutiny of serial numbers allegedly employed by Google and LG for Nexus 4's worldwide distribution led to the conclusion that some 400,000 units were rolled out of production line by the end of December 2012.

LG, of course, countered the suggestion, insisting that its plant in South Korea had produced more than the estimates from XDA during the quad-core smartphone's initial weeks of availability.

Regardless, the figures pointed to strong following for the Google-LG handset, with analysts noting that shipments would have been a bit higher had the Nexus 4 was given the appropriate supply treatment.

But it appears that the mobile device has been making its way to locations where Google and LG has yet to introduce the Nexus 4. Per XDA, the phone marked its new milestone via a shipment to Turkey.

And more units are expected to be snapped up, at least in the United States, in the days ahead as T-Mobile decided to offer new discount for the Nexus 4, this time pushing its price by as low as $US49.

Google Play sells its signature starting at $US299 while other retailers around the world normally pads up the sticker price such as the case in Australia, where Nexus 4 sells between $500 and $600.

So T-Mobile by far dangles the best Nexus 4 deal, which consumers relish for its powerful specs that do not require too much cash setbacks.

The hardwares deployed with the Nexus 4, plus the latest stock version of JellyBean, makes it an attractive alternative for consumers looking beyond the Apple and Samsung realms.

Sporting a Full HD screen at 4.7-inch, Nexus 4 packs just the right muscle mix to keep up with the current leading handsets namely the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2.

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