LG KizON Smart Wearable For Kids Will Let Parents Keep Track of The Tiny Tots

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With smart wearable devices segment poised for the next big consumer craze, the same has now extended its reach to include kids as well. However, the entire concept of smart wearable turns upside down when its kids that is the primary recipients. The KizON smart wearable launched by LG is designed to be worn by the kids around their wrists, reports CNET. In doing so, parents will have an idea of what their wards are up to as the device is designed to provide a constant reminder of their kids' whereabouts via a compatible Android smartphone or tablet. This is achieved with the GPS and Wi-Fi bits built into the device.

That is not all for the KizON also comes with a single push button which the kids can make good use of just in case they need their parent's attention. Just pressing the button will translate into a phone call to an assigned and updatable number which saves the kids from memorising any phone numbers.

The communication is two way as parents too can call their wards, which can be received with the push of the same button. As a further security measure, the call automatically materialises if it is not explicitly accepted within 10 sec, allowing the parents to hear to what is going on. Kids too busy to take a call will still have some explaining to do, it seems.

However, no matter how intuitive the entire thing might sound, the size of the device does leave something more to be desired, as per Phandroid. The devices are humongous even for grown-ups and look even more so when wrapped around the tiny wrists. Parents can just hope those aren't uncomfortable enough for the kids to attempt getting rid of them.  

Coming to internals, those aren't any to glorify a spec sheet. The device comes with a 64 MB RAM and 400 mAh battery which Phandroid further claims to be good enough for 36 hours of usage. The device will also warn users if charge drops to just 25 percent. Those are waterproof too and are compatible with 2G and 3G networks. The wearables also come in cool shades of pink, blue and green.

KizON will make its domestic debut on July 10 as per Ubergizmo, followed by a European and North American launch later in the year.

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