LG-Google Nexus 6 Packs Top of the Line Specs and Features


New rumours claimed that Google Nexus 6 will be made by LG Electronics and will pack top of the line specs and features.

It was still unconfirmed which company Google will work with in making the next Nexus smartphone. However, there is a big chance that LG will bag the project since the manufacturer has showed its prowess in making the previous Nexus handsets.

Still the possibility is there that Google may tap other manufacturers to take the helm in making the next generation of Nexus smartphone. Lenovo-Motorola was also a candidate in making the handset. Below are some of the specs and features of LG-Google Nexus 6, according to Motoring Crunch.

Screen Display

Google is yet to manifest its greatness in its screen panels as the previous handsets packed fair panels but not as stellar as other smartphones'. Google Nexus 6 will pack no less than 5-inch screen display with higher screen resolution.


Rumours claimed that Google Nexus 6 made by LG will pack a chip processor with 64-bit architecture. It may be either from Intel or Qualcomm.

Operating System

It has become a tradition for Google to release a new mobile operating system alongside a device. It was speculated that Google Nexus 6 will be launched with Android 4.5 or 5.0.

Waterproof and Dust Resistant

Sony may be the first to introduce the waterproof and dust resistant features on the Xperia line. However, Samsung adopted the same features last year with the rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and this year with the Samsung Galaxy S5. It will not be long for other smartphones to adopt the same features.

Battery Life

Google was well-aware of the demand in power since a lot of consumers turn to their mobile phone for almost everything. The Nexus 6 might be equipped with the 3000mAh or 3200mAh battery.

Google Nexus 6 release date was still unconfirmed but it was suspected earlier that the new handset will be launched at the I/O Conference in June. However, Nexus tablets may take the said launch window. Thus, the release date was pushed in October.

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