LG-Google Nexus 4: New Paranoid Android MOD Revs Up Display Rendering of

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Side by side, the Nexus 4 and the Optimus G, both manufactured by LG, are one and the same. But many experts insist the latter easily beats the former in the display rendering contest due to the disparate tweaks used by Google on its signature smartphone.

The display difference, however, has been recently reconciled with a MOD provided by the Paranoid Android team.

The new kernel, according to DroidDog.com, "uses a combination of LG's settings in their Optimus G kernel and Google's anti-banding presets, creating vibrant colours, deep blacks, and bright whites without creating over-saturation."

A check on the Paranoid Android's Google+ account confirmed that Nexus 4 owners opting to chew in the modification will "get vivid colours without over saturation, almost true blacks, brightest whites, very little banding."

"Your old washed out Nexus 4 will look like a new device, and without making it look like an overblown AMOLED. The difference is literally night and day," the team claimed about its new TricksterMod.

Anyone willing to try out can head out to these links: http://www.mediafire.com/?q3923x9hvtqyd2i or http://www.mediafire.com/?39248x6ueuoirrg, noting that the first one is for those who prefer darker saturation and the second for lighter servings.

In theory, the hack is applicable to all rooted Nexus 4 flashed with any customs ROMs but such pairings are largely untested so Paranoid Android recommends the use of their differently-flavoured JellyBean, which is obtainable from this link: http://goo.im/devs/paranoidandroid/roms/mako/pa_mako-GoogleStockKernel.zip.

According to PocketNow.com, this specific tinkering will "optimize the gamma channel values, and you get what should be a big improvement to the Nexus 4's image quality."

But one piece of advice from the Paranoid Android team: Flashing is exciting but not a hundred per cent safe. You might end up with a bricked and completely unusable Nexus 4, so proceed with extreme caution, the team warned.

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