LG G3 vs. Moto X2: Which is the Better Nexus 6 on Release Date?

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The base model of Google's Nexus 6 on release date is a toss between the LG G3 and the Moto X2, according to experts, as both handsets are reportedly set for rollout in the second half of 2014, around the same time the Nexus 5 successor is coming out.

Looking closely and basing on the specs and features of their predecessors, the devices are equally worthy to become the signature phone for Google this year. LG is no stranger to Nexus as it assembled the Nexus 4 in 2012 and the latest iteration that was issued last year.

On the other hand, Motorola is a Google division though it will soon become Lenovo-owned. But the short time that the company was under Google afforded it the know-how to deliver a top-notch Android device. Hence, the Moto X that for a time last year was rumoured to be the Nexus 5 prior its release.

It never came to be but for many Android fans, the Moto X is the next best thing to Nexus. Buoyed by the warm reception, Motorola has hinted that a refresh is definitely in order - the Moto X2 that is pegged for a grand launch in late summer this year.

So which between the LG G3 and the Moto will make a fine Nexus 6? This question is best answered by the rumoured specs, features and other info attributed to the two devices so far, a few of them are briefly detailed below:

Form-factor and display

If the LG G3 will become the Nexus 6, it likely will have a 5.2-inch display panel that will boast of a Q-HD 2560 x 1440 screen resolution that is fired up by the latest Adreno GPU. If the model is the Moto X2, it will be a 1080p phone, that is if Motorola will decide to bump up from the Moto X's 720p screen.

LG should be more inclined to release a phablet-size G3, which is a form-factor very popular in the Android world while the chance is high for the Moto X2 to upgrade from 4.7-inch to 5-inch. The former will deliver slightly better gaming and browsing experience thanks to a wider screen render while the latter will offer better grip and portability, having a smaller overall profile.

Supreme specs

LG is reportedly aligning the general LG G3 specs to 2014 flagship smartphone standard so expect a 64-bit quad-core Snapdragon chip with at least 3GB of RAM and 16MP main camera. All of these will most certainly banner the final cut features of the Nexus 6.

For the Moto X2, its jump point, the first Moto X, hints that Motorola will provide a faster Snapdragon CPU with the necessary brawn but not of the latest processor from Qualcomm. The RAM will likely stay 2GB and the rear shooter to move up from 10MP to 13MP at most.

In the storage department, 32GB should be the maximum space that any of LG and Motorola will provide as the Nexus 6 will have to live up to reputation - no memory expansion slot as Google adamantly points to Google Drive for extra digital space requirements.

Wireless and cellular connections

There is no indication yet if LG or Motorola have access on the 5G Wi-Fi technology that reportedly will be one of the headline features to come with the iPhone 6. However, LTE-Advanced should be a Nexus 6 given whichever would end up as builder of the device.

The native Android edge

Basically, vanilla Android is inside of previous Nexus devices and the Nexus 6 is no different. Out of the box and regardless of the brand printed on its box, the Nexus 5 replacement will rely on pure Android power and the latest build as well.


Google's main emphasis on its Nexus business is power and accessibility so LG and Motorola are mandated to issue the Nexus 6 with a solid sticker price. However, there are some who are convinced that Motorola has the edge in this aspect.

Soon-to-be a Lenovo-supervised operation, Motorola is poised to enjoy a more established supply chain and vast market reach, which should allow the company to leverage for a lower Nexus 6 price point.

Release date

In the past two years, the Nexus smartphone was issued a month before Christmas but it could be earlier this year. A Nexus 6 that is based on the Moto X2 could be unwrapped around early September 2014 as Motorola already implied for a late summer revelation of the base-model.

However, it could be earlier for the LG G3-patterned Nexus 6. LG is reportedly planning to debut the device in early June. Such scheduling should permit Google to preview the LG Nexus 6 on its I/O event late in the month then push for a release date in early July, going live via the Google Play Store.

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