LG G3: Top 5 Smart Tips

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LG has unveiled G3, its flagship smartphone, in May 2014. The handset bundles amazing specs, innovative software and hardware performances.

The device comes with a whopping phablet-like 5.5-inch screen, packed with a stunning 1,440 x 2,560 (QHD) resolution. LG G3 went on to beat all other Android handsets released in 2014 in a custom battery life/endurance test. Interested readers can check out further data on the battery test from IBTimes.

With so many killer features in G3, LG has come up with a video series of smart tips for its flagship handset.

Here are five killer smart tips:

Smart Notice

LG G3's Smart Notice is similar to Google Now. This feature sits in the form of a widget on the homescreen. The active widget keeps a tab on the user's habits and actions. Once it figures the pattern and the routine out, it recommends the next action to the user.

Check out this video from LG to get a quick look at the feature:

Smart Keyboard

Similar to Smart Notice, LG G3's Smart Keyboard learns and understands the user habits and offer suggestions while typing. Other than suggesting words, this keyboard can observe and adapt to the user's typing routine.

As Slash Gear puts it, if the Smart Keyboard observed a user has a routine of hitting a space in between "t" and "r"; where actually, the user wanted to type just "t," it will automatically expand the area covered by the letter "t," so that the user can hit the correct key. In reality, the user will be hitting the wrong key, but he will still get the correct key stroke realized. Hence, LG G3's Smart Keyboard is one step ahead of other keyboards.

Check out this video from LG to get a quick look at the feature:

Knock Code

Knock Code is a pattern based security feature used to unlock LG devices. The stand-out feature of the Knock Code is irrespective of the dimension/size of the taps (or tap codes), if the taps fall on the same quadrant as saved before, the user will be able to unlock the device.

Check out this video from LG to get a quick look at the feature:

Guest Mode

Guest Mode creates a user space/environment for guests in LG G3 device. This feature allows owners to have a separate Knock Code, home screen and apps designated for guests.

Check out this video from LG to get a quick look at the feature:

QuickCircle And Multi Window Mode

Similar to Samsung's S-View case, LG's QuickCircle case pops out a circular window in the smartphone, even when the device is closed or locked. This feature lets users to make and receive calls, send messages and open cameras, among others. Also, the split-screen multi-window feature of Samsung is also part of LG G3.

Check out these videos from LG to get a quick look at the features:

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