LG G3 Release Date is June 2014: 5 Confirmed Specs & Features So Far

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LG G3, rumoured as the likely template for the Google Nexus 6, is set for a grand revelation on May 27 but the release date will not happen until late June 2014.

That is the norm so far, if experts are to be asked. Vendors will preview the product, start the pre-order process and gauge the market reception prior to the finalisation of initial shipment numbers. It is assumed, of course, that the G3 mass production is already underway.

Fortunately though, Android fans have a relatively clear picture of what the LG G3 would be and its exciting features even as they still have to wait for at least four more weeks before the handset hits store shelves worldwide.

Thanks to numerous leaks, below are the virtually confirmed specs and features for the G3, some of which might end up as the killer Nexus 6 features:

Stunning all-screen front panel in phablet profile

Putting all the pieces of leaks that emerged so far, it is clear that LG plans the G3 to confidently combat with the 2014 line up of hero phones - regular-size smartphones and phablets alike. Its near-confirmed 5.5-inch display that is surrounded by super-slim bezels on four edges would make for interesting dogfight with the likes of HTC One M8, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 and even the jumbo iPhone 6 edition.

The G3 will also reportedly benefit from LG's Quad HD technology rendition that allows the device to beam out in 2560 x 1440 screen pixels, further adding to its fast firming up wow-factor.

Metallic frame

The LG G2 was not the commercial success that its creator dreamed it to be so it is understandable that most of the bump ups packed with the sequel, the G3, represent key corrections from the past. One underscored upgrade from the G2 to G3 is the body finish that the latest leaks suggest will be metal, thus ditching the plastic material found in the G2.

Pics of the G3 that hit the Web lately revealed of a metallic brushed finish that is a huge jump from last year. The same sets of photos indicate too of premium-looking colour variants - gold, silver and black.

Killer camera

The G2 main shooter was already impressive at 13MP that LG paired with a killer camera application. For the G3, the rumours remain in conflict. Some stories would say the device will stick to 13MP while others would place a leap to 16MP.

Regardless of the megapixel, it is almost certain that LG G3 will please camera enthusiasts with its enhanced shooting sensor and improved optical image stabilisation that ensures the capture or recording of high-quality images and clips.

Built-in 32GB memory with expansion provision

For optimal productivity as well as entertainment features, LG is reportedly deploying the basic G3 variant in 32GB internal storage configuration. The device can also rely on a memory expansion slot that is expected to read memory cards with 64GB of digital space or even more.

A quad-core powerhouse with 3GB of RAM

Providing power for the LG G3 is a quad-core processing chip that is tapped to maximum 3GB of RAM for high-speed and very efficient mobile computing performance. Giving life to this beast is Android KitKat 4.4.2 or possibly 4.4.3 and to keep the machine going for as long as possible - a 3200mAh battery will be on board.

Release date of the LG G3, as cited above, is June 2014 or a few weeks after its May 25 debut and likely in the last few days of the month.

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