LG G3 Perfect as Google Nexus 6 Base-Model on Release Date with These 5 Killer Features

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Nexus 6
Concept video of Nexus 6, uploaded on YouTube by CTNtechnologynews. Screenshot from YouTube Video

The Nexus 6 release date, according to Google, remains on course anytime in the second half of 2014 as the Internet search giant recently quashed rumours that the device will give way to its Android Silver project.

Immediately after the declaration, speculations again fly on what stuff the vanilla Android smartphone is made of and who exactly will assemble the device.

As maker of the Nexus 4 and 5, LG is the ready favourite and basing on the excellent reviews that the company's LG G3 has been getting lately, the 2014 Android flagship makes for a perfect Nexus 6 pattern - that is if Google decides to trust the Korean manufacturer anew with the next Nexus phone.

Below are the five killer LG G3 features that surely Android fans would want on the Google Nexus 6:

Fantastic form-factor

Having a 5.5-inch screen profile, the G3 no doubt plays along with the raging phablet fever and according to BGR, LG's new hero is surprisingly comfortable to use despite its gigantic build.

Researchers have been predicting that hybrid phones with huge screens will continue to dominate in the quarters and years ahead, suggesting that Google will issue the Nexus 6 at a time that it must deal with humongous rivals like the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 4 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6.

So it is likely for the Nexus maker to pattern its sixth-gen signature phone after the LG G3, which is a move that surely will win easy approval from the Android crowd.

Incredible display

The G3 sports a Quad HD front panel with screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 at pixel density of 538 pixels per inch (ppi). The display specs overwhelm that of the Galaxy S5 from Samsung and iPhone 5S from Apple, which boast of 432ppi and 326ppi respectively.

Needless to say, a Nexus 6 that is moulded after the LG G3 will lead to interesting dogfights by the time the next hero phones from Apple and Samsung come out.

Killer camera

What makes a killer smartphone shooter? In the LG G3, it is the 13MP main cam that is superfast thanks to the auto-focus tool that is aided by laser. And with optical image stabilisation in the camera menu, which in the iPhone 6 is still a rumour, users are assured of producing quality images and clips with relative ease.

Imagine if the same camera package is ported to the Nexus 6 out of the box. The result for Android fans should be nothing short of phenomenal.

Battery might

The G3's 3000mAh battery nearly doubles that of the power generator found on the iPhone 5S and owing to the software tweaks included by LG, the device is assured of longer operating hours from the previous version.

The upcoming Google mobile operating system, known for now as Android L, is said to emphasise energy efficiency and surely when mixed with the LG G3's fresh array of battery features, the software will easily reach its full potential as designed by Google engineers.

One bonus for G3 users as well as for Nexus fans, if the two will become one later on, is wireless charging.

Optimised for Android

A mainstay observation in the numerous LG G3 reviews that so far came out is the simplicity of its OS that seems to convince the device is optimised for Android no matter if it's pure or skinned. Thus the G3 as the Nexus 6 and running on native Android excite this early.

Release date of the Nexus 6, regardless of its build - apart from LG, HTC and Motorola are reportedly vying too for the coveted spot - is pegged at around October or November 2015 and is likely to rollout with the major redesign that is the Android L.

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