LG G3 Leaked with Case, Possible Variant Already Certified in Indonesia and a Launch Together with G Watch?

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Several reports have been pointing to a possible May 27 launch date for the LG G3 after a planned major press event in three different areas, New York, London and San Francisco had been announced for the day was announced.

Like how Samsung had teased its Samsung Galaxy K, where the letter K was given emphasis, the tagline for the event, which is "To be simple is to be Great" also puts an emphasis on the letter G, which can hint at a possible LG G3 unveiling.

But the interesting bit of news here is that the LG G3 may not be the only device from LG that will be unveiled at the event.

Engadget reports that the first of the smartwatches to run on Android Wear, which is the rumoured G Watch may also make an appearance during the three simultaneous events.

This comes from the confirmation that the G Watch may appear in June for just $199. The timing is already perfect as it is for the May 27 events.

So far, what's been speculated as the specs of the LG G3 include a 5.5-inch Quad HD display with 2560x1440 resolution and even a gold colour option for those who want to get away from the classic blacks and whites, reports Greenbot.com.

Cases for the LG G3 already circulating?

Even before the LG G3 handset has been announced, leaks of cases are already coming in, the latest of which was found by GSM Arena. More than the unique design of the case, which appears to be a rubberized and rugged option fit for those who really don't want scratches on the phone, some specs appear to have been highlighted by the case.

One of these is the volume key below the camera, the addition of a dual LED flash for the camera and a sensor for the camera. To an extent, the smartphone used in the leaked images of the case match the UI that has been leaked earlier, so the aforementioned specs may also have a good basis.

LG D855, a variant of the LG G3, possibly coming?

Another possibility that will come with the May 27 event is a possible new flagship phone, which will come in the form of a smartphone that has seen its certification from Indonesia, the D855.

The LG D855 handset already has its User Agent profile that's out on the official LG web site. Phone Arena reports that the specs spotted seem to vary, and the most recent update has listed a phone that seems to have lower specs compared to the LG G3.

May 27 may not only bring the LG G3 device, and the two possible new devices that have been linked to the event may be a good starting point to say that LG may have some more up its sleeves.

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