LG G3 Fast Shaping Up as Likely Nexus 6 Base-Model on Release Date – Reports

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Nexus 6
Nexus 6 Screenshot from YouTube Video

That the Nexus 6 is the LG G3 on release date is an assumption quickly firming up, thanks to the latest barrage of leaked specs and features that paint of a 2014 flagship that Google would love to put its name on.

The G3, according to the new gadget scoop coming from @evleaks, is a premium device that boasts of a metallic casing. The same build suits well with the exact quality finish that Google would want to see on the next Nexus phone, which if rumours were right is the last to come out.

The popular device news leaker teased in his Twitter post that the LG G3 is "fingerprint magnet no more," strongly implying that the plastic-wrapped LG G2 will be refreshed with a more premium-looking metal body cover, which should also make the device more opulent to feel.

The supposed G3 images that @evleaks shared showed the device back cover in brushed silver aluminium finish, somehow proving that LG has ditched the polycarbonate plastic covering of the G2 last year.

Such classy craftsmanship that LG will reportedly show off in the last week of May should provide a clear glimpse of what the Nexus 6 would be.

However, if the G3 indeed would end up as the Nexus 6 pattern, there will be a bit of deviation, but a welcome one, from the vanilla Android device model. LG is selling its upcoming flagship with an easy to pop out back cover.

That means the mobile phone will enjoy the privilege of having a removable battery, which most Android fans approve of. But Google's sentiment on the matter, as we know, is not the same - previous Nexus phones were solidly closed.

Yet it is highly likely that the Internet search giant finally listened to the strong clamour that the Nexus device become more open is all aspects - hardware and software. After all, the LG G3-based Nexus 6 could prove as the last in the beloved Nexus smartphone series.

And to make the final build truly memorable apart from adequately equipping it to duke it out with the likes of Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6, the G3 and Nexus 5 sequel as well will be forged as both a powerful and beautiful Android toy.

So far, the rumour mill has envisioned the device with a 5.2-inch screen profile that renders in 2560 x 1440 display resolution and fired up by LG's Quad HD panel technology.

It will be a certified powerhouse, drawing its life from the tandem of a quad-core Snapdragon processing chip and up to 3GB of RAM. Out of the box, the LG G3 is likely powered by KitKat 4.4.3 but in the Nexus incarnation, Android 4.5 or even 5.0 should be on board.

Release date of the LG G3 is predicted to happen in the immediate weeks after its May 27 unveiling while that of the Nexus 6, according to Google, is anytime in Q3 2014 or between August and September.

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