LG G Watch: Release Date, Price, Specs and Features

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The LG G Watch launched in the Google I/O conference on June 25. It is the first smartwatch to run Android Wear.

As it's a new and rebooted product category, there is a wide range of LG G Watch price estimates. It was rumoured earlier that the price of the smartwatch will be under £180 in the UK that is $299 in the US and $324 in Australia.

The techradar reports that LG might be waiting for Moto 360 for it to release its price, which is expected to cost around $250.

The LG G Watch will initially come in a stealth black or champagne gold with some average specs inside. Techradar also claims that the processors, internal storage and RAM inside the watch will not be as great as the consumers might think.

Rather the features that take the LG watch to a new level are an always-on display, lightweight design and overall toughness.

The Android Wear is expected to include a 1.65 inch IPS LCD screen with a 280 X 280 p resolution which seems to be huge enough to read all the Google Now notifications.

Though it is lightweight and comfortable design, the buttonless LG G Watch features dust and water resistant qualities. However, according to techradar, it is not highly waterproof but can be saved if dropped in a sink or on sand at the beach. It has an IP67 certification too.

The Company announced at the LG G3 press conference that it's LG G Watch is compatible with all the Google powered devices running Android 4.3 or greater.

The Moto 360 which is also expected to launch soon has similar features like the LG G Watch but it features a round circular watch face.

LG earlier had claimed that its Android Wear will be available in the market in the month of July which means in a couple of days, the LG G Watch will be seen on consumers' wrists.

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