LG G Watch Now Selling Worldwide, Five Features to Anticipate [Watch Video]

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LG G Watch
A demo LG G Android Wear smartwatch is displayed at the Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco June 25, 2014. REUTERS

South Korean multinational LG recently launched its worldwide sales for the first Android wear, the G Watch.

The wearable gadget is available online at LG Australia Web site and in physical stores in the country on yet to-be announced price points. However, Best Smart Watches Compared mentioned that it costs US $299 which translates to $318 in Australia.

The G Watch is also available in 27 markets including Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, South Korea, India, Ireland, Italy, and Japan. Meanwhile, retailers in the 15 countries like New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, and Singapore offered the device in limited quantities only.

Here are five features to anticipate on the G Watch.

Water and Dust Resistant

According to LG Australia Web site, the G Watch is water and dust resistant for up to thirty minutes to depth of one metre. Hence, users will have greater peace of mind that the high-tech gadget being strapped on their wrists will continue to function normally even when it inadvertently gets a splash or two.

Always on Display

The company Web site also cited that its wearable device comes with an always on 1.64-inch IPS display. The G Watch's LCD touch screen has true-to-life colour reproduction so the users can clearly see the information displayed on the screen.

Smartphones Compatibility

LG Australia also cited that the G Watch is compatible with smart phone devices which are running on Android 4.3 operating systems and above. The device is connected via Bluetooth so users do not need to take out their Android smart phone anymore to check messages, view the caller, or control the music. All these functionalities can just be done by a simple tap at the wearable gadget strapped to their wrists.

Voice Recognition

According to Best Smart Watches Compared, the LG G Watch comes with voice recognition which allows users to ask questions or make things done seamlessly. The wearable gadget's microphone is capable of sensing audio up to about a feet or 30 cm away. With this feature, users can just say "OK Google" and their messages will be sent. They can also search for useful information using the same format. The voice command works by integrating with Google Now, but this functionality can also be skipped by using a voice recording instead to set reminders or access device settings.

Nine Axis Sensors

The G Watch also is also loaded with nine axis sensors for gyro/ accelerometer/ and compass. With this feature, users will be able to track their navigation, measure their angular velocity, proper acceleration, and check their direction.

Watch the 360° View of LG G Watch from YouTube.

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