LG G Watch Feature Allows For Incoming And Outgoing Calls Without A Smartphone

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The LG G watch was announced by Engadget on April, however more details have surfaced regarding its features, especially with the launch of LG G3 to the market. LG G3 is in the spotlight as the most awaited flagship smartphone to be launched this quarter. With its launch, LG takes the opportunity to showcase other products that would supplement the smartphone experience. These products include the LG Lifeband Touch smartband, LG HeartRate earphones, LG Tone Infinim earphones, LG QuickCircle case, and the recently announced LG G Watch.

The LG G watch, according to GSM Arena, will feature cellular connectivity through a USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module). This feature in the smartwatch allows users to make and receive calls, and even receive messages, without a need for it to be tethered to a smartphone. LG G watch's independent cellular connectivity is parallel to Samsung's rumoured Gear Solo, according to G4Games. Gear Solo is an upgrade to Samsung's Tizen OS running Galaxy Gear lineup, a new model that is said to also allow users to make and receive calls without it having to be paired to a smartphone.

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The LG G watch is confirmed to be one of the first few smartwatches to run on Google's new OS, the Android Wear. The smartwatch also features a water resistant metal body with a silicone rubber wrist band. It also comes in two color options (photo); Stealth Black (all-black body with black strap), and Champagne gold (gold body with white strap). The LG G watch will be compatible with a wide range of Android OS devices and features an always "on" display as reported by Engadget. LG G watch's other specs include a 1.65-inch display with 280x280 resolution, 512 MB RAM, and a 4 GB internal flash storage.

The LG G watch will be released first by LG U+ (a South Korean carrier) in July, reports GSM Arena.

Source: Youtube/LG Mobile Global

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