LG G Pro 2 Likely the Nexus 6 and It Could be the Last Nexus Smartphone from Google

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Nexus 5 maker LG has confirmed that it is releasing soon a second version the G Pro, the LG G Pro 2, which later on could be used as the base-model for the Nexus 6.

In earlier reports, an LG device that bears the model number LG-D830 surfaced and almost immediately speculations came pouring down - that LG is replacing its current flagship, the LG G2, early, or the first G Pro will be revamped into the G Pro 2.

But what really piqued the interest of keen Android watchers is the likelihood, however wild it is, that the same device will end up as the Nexus 6, bumping off Google's Nexus 5 this year.

Why not as the D830 fits the flagship pedigree that Nexus devices are known for. It is said to sport a 4K display panel and 16MP main as among the main killer features. In subsequent reports, however, the specs were tempered down a bit.

Following LG's confirmation that the G Pro 2 (and possibly it is the LG-D830) is for real, BGR quoted numerous reports stating that the device is actually a 1080p mobile phone that will rely on the incredible duo of a Snapdragon 800 chip and 3GB of RAM for raw power.

The screen size, according to Gotta Be Mobile, is nearing the 6-inch mark, likely rendering the handset as the first Nexus phablet on its full glory. The camera sensor was also dialled down to 13MP, which remains in the high-end sphere.

Yet even as LG is letting the world know that a fresh device is already in the pipeline, Android watchers can't help to float the idea that perhaps the company is again partnering with Google and by unveiling the G Pro 2 minus the fanfare, it is silently paving the way for the Nexus 6.

And when launch time comes, the bang will surely follow.

It should be quite of a bang for according to Russian tech blogger Eldar Murtazin, the 2014 Nexus device will mark the graduation time for the line-up - the smartphone and tablets.

Per BGR, Murtazin tweeted that the Nexus brand has been marked for retirement by Google. This year's releases will be the last of the model and by 2015, the winding down will draw to a close. Though will be a replacement though.

Murtazin is giving out scant details at the moment but it appears that for its next device offerings, Google is inclined to focus on Google Play Editions of Android flagships. Note that in the mid-part of 2013, the Internet search giant started selling the Samsung Galaxy and HTC One in GPE.

Another option for Google is reconfiguring its Motorola business, which could re-emerge as the company's main hardware arm.

For now, all eyes are on the LG G Pro 2 or the LG-D830 that could morph into the Nexus 6, the release date of which should happen well into the second half of 2014.

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