LG G Flex 2 to Arrive in 2015 With a 'Unique Mystery Feature'

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"Mystery is what keeps the competition alive." This is what is going inside the technology streets these days.

LG, the Korean manufacturing giant, could be on the verge of revolutionizing the technology industry with its new product G Flex 2, which is set to hit the markets by mid Q1 in 2015.

Previously, LG introduced the world's first consumer available flexible handset, which is a unique achievement because of the exciting new feature of a self-healing coating capability of repairing minor scratches. @evleaks said LG is going to come out with LG G Flex 2 early next year with a unique feature.

"LG G Flex 2 coming mid-Q1 2015, possibly with a feature even more unique than self healing plastic," @evleaks tweeted.

There is no surety of this "unique feature," but number of speculations is making rounds among users. According to a report by techradar, the new handset might have a blend capability of 90 degrees, it can have a holographic projection and teleportation capabilities. It also has a unique feature which is among the best feature, the ability to read someone's mind. LG G Flex 2 will upgrade the screen resolution, which was originally at 720p.

The new LG device is powered by 2.26 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and 2 GB RAM. The specs sheet is considered a complete package with 32 GB internal storage, a 13 MP rear-mounted camera and a curved 3500 mAh Lithium-polymer battery to support its curvy look.

There are also certain consequences which came after the release of G Flex such as its cost was real high and that only encouraged the premium consumers to purchase it. Also, the availability in UK retail stores was delayed until the start of this year even after the original launched late last year. Such consequences and speculations are already doing the rounds with LG G Flex2.

Consumers need to wait what LG G Flex2 has in store for the ever so growing technology market.

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