LG Confirms Nexus 5 Partnership Negotiation with Google, Sony, Motorola and HTC


At the 2013 Mobile World Congress (MWC), LG may not have mentioned any scheduled release dates but the company confirmed they could take part in the upcoming Nexus 5 smart phone project. The much anticipated Google Nexus 4 successor is expected to be launched at Google's I/O conference in May.

Shaun Musgrave, LG's UK Product Manager, confirmed that the company has an on-going negotiation with Google to have a partnership in manufacturing the Nexus 5 hardware. Though Google acquired Motorola, the Search Engine giant maintains that all of its partners like HTC and Samsung will still receive fair treatment as a budding manufacturer of the Nexus 5.

Google's statement definitely assured the other smart phone manufacturers that chances are still open for them before the final decision is made. Other companies included in the Nexus 5 partnership negotiation include Sony, Asus, Samsung and HTC.

Company executives confessed both Google and LG were surprised with the unexpected success of their collaborative work on the Nexus 4 smart phone. Incorporation of high-quality features and specifications on the Google Nexus 4 offered at an affordable price attracted the consumers.

The Nexus 4 was rapidly sold out worldwide to the point that Google and LG suffered supply issues. However, Product Manager Shaun Musgrave assured the consumers that the supply problems on the Nexus smart phones have already been resolved.

Meanwhile, reports have been suggesting for months that LG and Google may have another collaborative work on the upcoming Nexus 5 after receiving much success at the smart phone market. If the two companies indeed work together once again, the Nexus 5 smart phone is anticipated to become the next-best-thing especially when Google officially launches the latest Android version called the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

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