LG Class Cinema vs Sony Bravia HD TV vs Samsung Smart TV

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LG announced the addition of 3D video game platform to its Smart TV app offerings. To be released in the later part of 2012, it features primarily family-friendly games in both 2D and 3D in genres including action/adventure, RPGs, puzzle games, sports, and more. User can browse or search for games as well as purchase and play them through the TV's interface which looks like any app store. Owners can use either the LG Magic Remote or any third party game controller.

The use Smart TVs continues to grow because it offers to unit owners both computer functions at certain levels and capabilities of certain apps for smartphones.

With different kinds of Smart TVs out there made by different manufacturers, many consumers would benefit from a review of the features of current available models on the market in an effort to answer questions of potential buyers such as:. Does it offer communication and browsing in larger screen? Would it offer great movie experience like having a theatre in your home or having the tiniest detail seen without distortion or blur?

To help guide consumers, here is a comparison of the features of the LG Class Cinema, Sony BRAVIA HD TV, and Samsung SMART TV.

LG Cinema Family Tech Features

1.     Equipped with new full HD 1080p virtually frameless Cinema Screen that offers great experience for TV viewing whether in 2D or 3D with its superior brightness, clarity, and colour detail even in black levels or colours. TrueMotion technology adds performance to let users enjoy sports, video games, and high-speed action with virtually no motion blur.

2.     LG delivers advantage with its battery-free 3D glasses that are lightweight, flicker-free, and affordable. For those wearing corrective lenses, LG offers Clip On Cinema 3D glasses which can be added for great viewing experience.

3.     The Magic Remote allows users to watch classic films and TV series which were made in 2D to 3D.

4.     LG Cinema 3D offers wide horizontal angle viewing so that full-immersive 3D experience is met anywhere the viewer sits. No need for the entire family or group to squeeze on the couch just to have the 3D experience.

Sony Bravia TV

1.     X-Reality PRO offers razor-sharp pixel charity and precision for life-like images from individual blades of grass on the football field to precise details in viewer's favourite YouTube clips. This engine analyses and enhances each scene with breathtaking results. Even video clips from the camcorder are improved as well.

2.     Intelligent PEAK LED gives a multi-segmented arrangement of the BRAVIA television's LED backlight which has the ability to produce incredible deep blacks and outstanding peak highlights by raising and lowering the light level. The LED backlight adapts to thinner profile with higher energy proficiency. The picture becomes realistic as the Sony BRAVIA TV technology differentiates properly the entire screen lamination and contrast boosts in every right spot.

3.     MotionFlow brings out absolute precision and fluidity for fast-moving images. Action appears precise and smooth as the camera pans. Powered as well by Sony BRAVIA TV's advanced technology, fast-action scene remains fluid as images are inserted between frames. Even the quickest camera movements look natural with less judder and reduced blur.

4.     Clear Resolution Enhance gives out crisp TV images with finer texture and detail. It offers superior noise reduction to make images sharper and more natural.

5.     Digital Noise Reduction takes viewer to the next level of digital experience by offering clearer, cleaner, more vibrant and vivid pictures and videos when accessed from USB or PC inputs as the BRAVIA TV gives the same advances image process techniques that are given to cable, satellite, and broadcast signals.

6.     Full HD 1080 allows users to enjoy every content from HD broadcast, HD satellite TV, HD cable, Blu-ray Disc, and HD home videos.

7.     The Sony Entertainment network offers the Opera TV Store, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and access to unlimited videos and music.

Samsung SMART TV

1.     Smart Interaction lets owners interact with your TV unlike others. The Gesture Control allows access to favourites using hand swiping to navigate and grabbing to select. The Voice Control also makes accessing menus easier. The Face Recognition feature which uses built-in camera recognizes user's face and which logs you him to favourite apps, personal Skype address book, and more. The Smart View App turns the smart device into a Wi-Fi remote allowing navigation and access to Smart Contents easily.

2.     Samsung Smart TVs allows users to connect to Skype, Facebook, and Twitter, plus the built-in camera makes the conversion more alive. Smart Hub makes search easier as it connects to several apps which suits the user's needs.

3.     Evolution Kit is a feature that will allow the owner to update his Smart TV unit every year with the latest technology. This kit upgrades the Smart Evolution-ready TV without having to replace the whole set. It boasts of increased processor speed, more functions, and additional content.

All three are fantastic and have unique features different from each other. But not these features are not found in one unit, rather are spread out among the three models, so buyers should pick the right choice on their needs and other personal criteria such as financial capability and number of users.

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