'Let It Go' Singer, Idina Menzel and Kirsten Bell May Reprise 'Frozen' Roles in Broadway, Elsa and Ana Live

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Idina Menzel not only wants to lend her voice to the animation character Queen Elsa in Disney's record-breaking animated movie, "Frozen" but also play her in person. The Cosmopolitan reported that when Idina was asked if she wants to reprise her role in the movie's Broadway adaptation, Menzel could not contain her excitement about the prospect; especially that she is already a Broadway veteran.

"Yes! Sure! Absolutely!" said Menzel at Variety's Power of Women luncheon. The singer-actress is currently starring in musical "If/Then."

Frozen allowed the Tony-winning actress to enjoy her first award for a mainstream project. "Frozen's" smash hit "Let It Go" won Best Song Oscar last month and Menzel was very happy about lending her vocals to this song. "It was such a dream of mine to be in the Disney family and become an animated queen," Menzel told Cosmo.

If Menzel is head over heels in love with her animated character that she wants to take on the role for Broadway, not everyone wants her to be, even her own kid.. The actress jokingly shared to Cosmo how her 4-year-old son Walker does not want to play the Ice Queen. Rather, baby Walker wants mommy "dress up like the Michael Jackson zombie from Thriller."

Aside from Menzel, Kristen Bell is also very open and excited about the idea of her role as Princess Anna on Broadway. "Everybody in Frozen is a Broadway veteran so I certainly hope they try and wrangle us," Bell shared to EW Radio.

Whether or not she will get the chance to revive the role of Elsa on Broadway, Menzel would rather not sweat it. She has way too many good things happening around her that she does not want to be worrying about anything anymore. She has a way of thinking when it comes to the future. In an early interview, she shared. "I'm always afraid to hope for something because I don't want to be disappointed," Menzel said in the interview. "Instead of worrying, why not enjoy the idea of the positive outcome, and if it doesn't happen, you get over it."

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