Lesbians Were Reported To Have The Most Orgasms During Sex Compared To Heterosexual Women

Men Top The Climax Charts

A lesbian couple kisses during a toast at a mass wedding in Mexico City
A lesbian couple kisses during a toast at a mass wedding in Mexico City March 21, 2014. According to the organizers, fifty-eight same-sex couples married on Friday to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriages in Mexico City, the first jurisdiction in Latin America to do so.

new report was revealed that lesbian women has more orgasms and at a higher frequency than heterosexual women. For the research conducted by the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction at Indiana University in Bloomington, about 2,850 single Americans were given an online questionnaire to answer.

The survey was sponsored by the online dating company Match.com, but the respondents were not limited to the website's users. The answers came from people of diverse age groups, ranging from 21 to more than 80 years old. The survey revealed that lesbians had orgasms 13.1 per cent more often than heterosexual women.

Justin Garcia, a professor and lead researcher at Indiana University of gender studies, explained that a woman's orgasm cannot be predicted, unlike men they vary according to their sexual orientation. He referred to the 1966, pioneer sex researchers Masters and Johnson's statement that men could learn how to bring their partner to orgasm from lesbian women. The fact that lesbians had much more orgasms than heterosexual women is not new, he told Reuters Health. "There are still pretty strong sexual double standards in America and they infiltrate the bedroom".

Nicole Prause did not totally agree with the findings; according to her many women do not experience an orgasm but just believe that they do. "I would be shocked if they are not over-counting", Prause told Reuters Health. She said to accurately measure an orgasm, researchers have to take into account the number of contractions men and women have during an orgasm. Normally she said it would be 8 to 12, but researchers do not measure them.

The study revealed that though lesbians experienced more orgasms than heterosexual women, gay men and men experienced the most orgasms. The study also found that casual hook ups with strangers resulted in lower orgasm rates. Gracia said, "It is also known that that orgasm rates are higher in men and women in committed relationships".

There was no difference in the measures between heterosexual and gay men; they were on par with each other. Both experienced an orgasm 85.5 per cent of the time, while heterosexual women climaxed 61.6 per cent of the time and homosexual women experience 74.4 per cent of the time. Both with familiar partners. Bisexuals reported the lowest rate of orgasms.

Prause brought to light the disadvantages of the reports, the research involved only those with success to a laptop, she said. In addition, in the authors note, they "did not include the categories of 'queer' or 'asexual' or a variety of other categories that more fully encompass people's sexual identities".

A measure of the contractions during an orgasm was of outmost importance in such a study, she stated. It would make it all the more accurate and credible.

The findings published are in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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