Les Mis, Life of Pi, Poked Fun At: If Posters of Oscar Best Picture Nominees Told the Truth [SLIDESHOW]


What if posters of Oscar-nominated movies told the truth, how would they look like? Read along to find out and see these hilarious fan-made posters.

A meme circling the web is gaining the attention of movie fans worldwide, simply because it's Oscar season and the best picture nominees are the target of the humor. CollegeHumor and TheShiznit.co.uk created "photoshopped" posters that told the "truth" about what the movies are about.

Favorites include the "truth" version of Lincoln and Django: Unchained, with "Slavery Sucks, the Serious Version," and "Slavery Sucks, the Fun Version" written on the posters respectively. Both movies tackle slavery but in entirely different ways.

Ang Lee's Life of Pi is written as "Life of CGI" in the posters, with the Bengal tiger, Richard Parker, owning most of the space in it. Makers of the Le Miserables, or "Les Mis," funny poster singled out those who are not well-familiarized with the songs by writing "I Dream A Dream Is The Only Song You Know."

But the one that got the most attention was their interpretation of the Amour, the only foreign film in the roster of nominees. It says "French" on the title part, "French person, French person, French person" where the actors' name are supposed to be at, and "A film by a French person."

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