Leonardo DiCaprio Throws Lindsay Lohan Out from His House Party for Throwing Tantrums?

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan has since gone all out with doing coke, violating probation, heavy drinking, various rehab stints, and at least 90 days in jail.

Leonardo DiCaprio is one fine actor but when it comes to tolerating other people's antics, the "Wolf of Wall Street" is very particular about his limits. There is speculation in the media that the DiCaprio threw "Mean Girls" actress Lindsay Lohan from one of his house parties just fifteen minutes after she arrived as she was not behaving in good manner and wanted attention.

According to OK magazine, Leonardo had invited some friends to his house to play a game of Checkers. Lindsay Lohan was also one of them. She did not look as she belonged there and soon started complaining about having no place to sit and other things, contactmusic.com is reporting.

However the "Blood Diamond" actor soon became really pissed off with Lindsay's tantrums, which kept growing and asked some of his friends to let her out. ''Leo allowed her in. Lindsay was acting like her normal whiney self, who wants all the attention on her or else she throws tantrums," a source told OK magazine, according to the Web site.

''She was whining over the smallest things, like not having a place to sit or not wanting certain people near her. Leo told his friend to make her leave 15 minutes after she arrived,'' the source added.

It is not clear when the party happened at Leonardo's place and what was the 27-year-old actress' reaction after being thrown out. However the incident does not seem very old as another source told the magazine that incident is not going to leave a good impression of Lohan as far as her sobriety is concerned. The actress has been out of a rehab centre recently.

''This is terrible news and so bad for Lindsay's sobriety. It's a really bad sign," the source told the magazine adding that Lindsay might be in bad company again.

"Anyone in recovery knows when you hang around with the same old people that you used with before it will sidetrack your entire life," the source added. In other news, Lohan has posed for controversial photographer Terry Richardson in a brand new photo shoot. The "Mean Girls" actress is showing off some cleavage as she poses for the celeb photographer Terry Richardson. In black and white shots, Lindsay is seen wearing a T-shirt which reads, "Parental Advisory Explicit Content." 

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