Lenovo Folder Pad: Can This Tablet Give Microsoft Surface a Run For Its Money?

Lenovo Folder Pad Tablet PC
Lenovo Folder Pad Tablet PC (From Red dot Design Award)

Lenovo Folder Pad Tablet is a multimodal slate designed in a Microsoft Surface like style. Such tablet can be held in your hands or propped up like a touchscreen monitor supported by a flap (or similar to a kickstand), which pops out from the back side.

Lenovo has no official statement yet regarding the Folder Pad, but the designers have submitted the tablet PC design to Red Dot and IDSA, with an eye for design awards, as reported by Liliputing.

Specifications and the technicalities are not available for public scrutiny. Itechpost claimed the slate will come with stereo speakers, wedge-shaped design, and flat keyboard similar to Microsoft's Surface Touch Cover. By connecting to a wireless keyboard, this tablet can also be operated like a desktop PC.

As per Softpedia, the difference between the designs of Lenovo Folder Pad and Microsoft Surface is the keyboard. Surface targeted the laptop-like experience while Folder Pad apparently provided the desktop-like experience, with a keyboard detached from the tablet.

Lenovo's Folder Pad does look sleek, cool and innovative. With the tablet's appearance, the backside flap (kickstand), which extends in a diagonal way looks a bit delicate. Lenovo has taken care of the "stability" of the flap.

But will the inside look be as good as the outside? Stay tuned for more updates.

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